Water quality

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ƒŠƒXƒgƒ}[ƒN Outline of AKANOI

For the last forty years, the water quality of Lake Biwa has decreased yearly due to rapid population growth and overwhelming development.
This is especially pronounced at the southern end of the lake where the problem is compounded by comparatively poor water circulation in bay areas.( Akanoi Bay is one such area). Although the southern lake area has many tributaries, the lake's only outlet is the Seta River. Unfortunately the incoming volume of cleaner water from the northern end of the lake is negligible.
In May of 1996, residents living near the Akanoi Bay watershed, held a meeting to discuss the water quality of Lake Biwa. They have since appealed to not only individuals, but local communities (neighborhood self-governing bodies), enterprises, schools, and other organizations in it's watershed.
In September of 1996, they formed the activist group, "Akanoi-Biwako Environmental Citizens' Initiative", in cooperation with the governments of Moriyama City and Shiga Prefecture. The purpose of ABECI is to improve and maintain the water quality of Lake Biwa, it's reservoirs and tributaries.
Now, in May 2009, our members number 436: 331 individuals, 69 local member communities, and 36 member organizations.
In addition to fieldwork and organizational activities, members of ABECI pay an annual membership fee: individuals pay one thousand-yen and groups pay three thousand-yen.
The government of Moriyama City has supported us financially with an annual contribution.

The "Lake Biwa Environmental Reseach Institute" of Shiga Prefecture has assisted us technically.
We treasure Lake Biwa and it's environs. It is our sincere hope that we can return the water quality of Lake Biwa to it's original pristine state and continue to maintain these habitats to assure they stay that way.